Workplace Adjustment Service: MiCase

A proven combination of expertise, products and services in a managed adjustment process.  MiCase is tailored to and around your business.  It is cost effective and provides a meaningful and measurable return on investment.  MiCase is endorsed by industry professionals as best practice.  Contact us to learn more.



End to End Workplace Adjustment Process

A one-stop solution for recommendations, supply, implementation and support of workplace assessments and adjustments using defined business approval process, governance and management.

Key Points

  • Case Duration under 20 Days (inclusive of assessment, supply and installation)
  • Full governance and approval process to suit budgetary controls
  • Experts at the front of the process providing consultation and advice
  • Average Case Cost < $800 (inclusive of assessment, fast track, provision and case management)
  • Dedicated Key Relationship Manager
  • In depth Information Management related to condition data, costs, efficiency and return on investment.
  • Ergonomic, ADA, and other Assessments
  • Existing or pre-agreed catalog of best value products and services
  • Supporting Business Managers, Decision Makers, and Executives through advice, fact sheets and consultation
  • Designed around existing HR, Health and Safety and Occupational Health functions

Our unique three tier decision process, results in cost savings, speed and identifying the most appropriate course of action for the colleague.  Our team of expert case managers are experienced in building trust, gaining insightful information and managing all kinds of cases from start to finish, making MiCase the only system able to streamline, integrate and efficiently deliver a pioneering workplace adjustment process that works for all.

Advisory Fast Track and Assessment model diagram
MiCase Adjustment Service Workflow Example