RSI. Back Pain. Computer Vision Syndrome. Hearing Loss. Injury. Accident. Depression. Dyslexia. Stroke. Stress.

One in four people have a condition or disability which will affect their work a statistic no company can afford to ignore.


MicroLink PC, USA offers a flagship end-to-end reasonable adjustment service known as MiCase in partnership with Microlink PC, UK and Boundless Assistive Technology. MiCase is the only service of its kind, developed over years of practical experience alongside leading employers. Tried, tested and endorsed as best practice, MiCase ensures the right adjustments, at the right price, with experts supporting both the employee and the business to achieve the right outcome. 

MiCase has an impressive track record of delivering reductions in absence, increases in productivity and provable returns on investment. The team prides itself in the quality of service, ensuring each customer is treated with dignity, professionalism and care.



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