Our Support

Microlink has developed a scalable solution available throughout North America delivered by experts who are passionate about people and the workplace. 

As recognized leaders and experts in our field, Microlink has developed a wide range of services that can define and pin-point any accessibility weaknesses within an organization.  Microlink can also guide, train and mentor to solve those issues and instruct how to follow best practice, as well as data capture of the 'real picture' in order to see how to reduce sickness and absence, increase productivity and reduce costs within these vulnerable areas.

The team members within Microlink are proud of the high level of services they offer and ensure each customer is treated as an individual with dignity, professionalism and care.

Microlink supports government projects to aid literacy and disability in areas that currently have no technology or support.

Consultation Services

Through the experience gained working alongside public and private sector organizations, Microlink has an unrivaled amount of practical experience, which can be applied through a consultant framework to help businesses identify gaps and risks within their current processes and provide a strategic road map for improvements.

Consultation packages are tailored around each client, dependent on the level of existing provisions, structure and level of disability awareness.

Current State Analysis

In order to create a road map for improvements, it is essential that a clear picture is created of the current state and performance metrics agreed upon at the outset to understand the success of any initiatives undertaken.

  • What qualitative and quantitative data is available?
  • What is the current cost impact?
  • What are the goals of the business?
  • Who 'owns' current workplace accommodations, ergonomics and disability management?

Feedback Surveys

Microlink has developed surveys for both employees and line managers that enable a detailed picture to be created of the workforce. It is essential to include and engage with individuals who have experienced disability, learning difficulties or health conditions within the business.

  • What challenges are faced?
  • What is the culture of disclosure within the business?
  • What support is offered and how accessible is that support?
  • What currently works well?

Maturity Model

A framework created by Microlink is used to score the organisation on a number of different aspects of successfully managing employees with disabilities or conditions. The framework is based on a best practice approach championed by the Business Disability Forum, for the provision and support of employee well being.

The model poses questions to get organisations to critically analyze their approach to support, data, services and accessibility. By scoring responses against a best practice approach, a picture is developed of the strengths and weaknesses within the business which can help to clarify, plan and prioritize improvement initiatives. The maturity model can either be conducted as a guided assessment with a consultant onsite to support and challenge assumptions or by self-assessment.

Gap Analysis and Stakeholder Management Workshops

Disability Management and workplace adjustment processes can span across many functional departments within organizations. It is important that all internal stakeholders i.e. Business Managers, Executives, Senior Leadership, HR, IT, Occupational Health, Facilities Management, Health and Safety, are all engaged and working towards the same business goals.

Through key resources within the business, Microlink can host interactive workshops to map out current processes and guide the consistency of management approach and data captured within the business.

Accessibility Policy and Communications

Microlink has a number of different policies, which organizations can use to supplement existing provisions. These are non-physical adjustment policies, recruitment and workplace adjustments to name a few. In addition to providing policies to fill gaps within the business, Microlink can also offer accessibility testing and advice on any existing communication or internal documents.