Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation

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Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation


In order to provide immediate and ongoing intervention, and save on travel costs and other related fees, a certified ergonomist can assist employees virtually to resolve their risk and provide personalized recommendations and ongoing support. Utilizing an integrated phone and web meeting system, the consultant will deliver the following services to the employee during the virtual assessments;

  • Review of the employee’s self-assessment and the recommendations attempted by the employee.
  • Discussion of changes made by the employee using content from the e-learning and User Action Report.
  • Video demonstration of adjustments to existing tools specific to the employee, provided via WebCam.
  • Recommendations for modifications or tools based on the employee’s specific issues and job tasks.
  • Documentation of recommendations and ordering instructions provided electronically to the employee, manager and other appropriate departments.

The cost for Virtual Assessments are $199 per assessment for all US locations.  Virtual & Onsite Ergonomic Assessments overview (PDF Download).

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