Handshoe Mouse


Handshoe Mouse

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The Handshoe Mouse features a unique and patented shape that fully supports the hand at an ideal angle of 25-30 degrees, which makes sure the forearm is completely relaxed. The position also prevents gripping and pinching, which is common during use of a standard mouse. 

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Its full hand and finger support prevents skin contact with the desktop, unlike most computer mouse types where you press down on the desktop and work from the wrist or rub over the desktop while sliding. Both of these actions are a source of complaints. 

With a HandShoe Mouse users also don’t need to hover fingers over the mouse buttons. Only a minor effort is required to switch while your thumb rests on its support. This prevents thumb action which can otherwise be harmful. 

Measure on the inside of the stretched out hand from from your wrist (the cross over between hand and arm) up to the tip of your ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size. 

  • Order the extra small if your hand measures up to 155 mm or up to 6.1″
  • Order the small if your hand measures 155 – 175 mm or 6.1″ – 6.9″
  • Order the medium if your hand measures 175 – 195 mm or 6.9″- 7.7″
  • Order the large if your hand measures 195 – 215 mm or 7.7″- 8.5″
Please note that at present the extra small version is only available as a wired version for right handed people. All other sizes are available for Left and Right, either wired or wireless